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Hose for Hoke Torch

As long as we are discussing the Hoke torch, here’s another question. I am using plastic hose on mine because that’s all I’ve found to fit and an old jeweler friend of mine said that’s what everyone uses. However, I was at a pawn shop the other day and saw a set of the standard red/green rubber hoses with the fittings cut off one end and they did look like the right size ID to fit my Hoke torch. Does anyone know if these fit, and, if so, which external diameter they would need to be to fit over the Hoke barbs?

I have only ever used plastic hoses with my Hoke torch as it was just an experiment to see how it worked on my setup. I found the torch in a box of old tools from our dad’s shop. I think that Don has done the same thing. I don’t know why you couldn’t use the cut off hoses that you describe as long as they are compatible with the gas that you use and they stay securely on the tapered barb. You might add a small hose clamp. National sells a line of torches that they fit with barbs or A/B fittings. You might find more information on their website. Good luck…Rob

I have used the soft flexible tubing that is used on Bunsen burners. I use hose clamps that you can get anywhere. They are small. The last hose I got was years ago, from American Science & Surplus. They have a fun site and lots of odd science supply. A still hose will make it so you won’t use the torch.

At the factory we used surgical tubing on all of the Hoke torches. (oxy/natural gas)