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Horse wax patterns

This is a first time for me so forgive me if I am in the incorrect
area. My name is Leland and I am looking for wax patterns that are
horse or other equine related material such as boots, saddles, bridal
bits and more. Both Western and English style. Does anyone have a
good selection or know of anywhere I might find some?

J. Leland Baker

You can try Paradise Wax Patterns or else there are many of us who
will carve them to your specifications. Most companies like
"Dazzlers" only sell finished pieces and don’t sell bulk wax models.

Thank you for the Paradise Wax Co. suggestion. I have looked at them
and have already purchased what they have. Wilson ( or something like
that out of Florida )… they really didn’t have anything. Great
Western… I can no longer reach. Lex Wax from K.C… not
really, but I am waiting for their new catalogue. Swest… was bought
up by Stuller, so their items are no longer available. Unfortunately
so many of the wax companies have gone under.

So… I guess I am looking for styles and individual waxes from
across the board from individual jewelers. Wax patterns that
individual jewelers already have from molds that they may have made
of from previous jewelry. Potentially form items they have made for
someone else when doing their jewelry. This is a good way for me to
find patterns that are not mass produced and also a way for the
individual jeweler to make money from resources just sitting around
doing nothing.


Hello J.Leland

I am a wax model maker I have done horses jumping, racing, just the
face, for cuff links and pendants. But all the pices were done for a
costumer so I do not have the pattern. I do each pice but I do not
keep a silicon mold of them because I am selling you the original in
wax. So if you are looking for original pieces in wax I can help you.