Horse hair jewelry


Does anyone in the group do horse hair jewelry? My wife has been
collecting hair from her horse’s tail and mane to be made into a
bracelet. The closure findings will be platinum or palladium white
gold. I would like to support someone in the group if they make it
and could send me some images of their work. I know the findings
might be a little stretch and have no problem paying up front or drop
shipping from Stuller or someone else. There are plenty of people
that make them online and at the shows, but I’d prefer to support
someone here.


Charlie, lots of Native Americans (which I am) make this. I bought
some horse hair a couple of yrs. ago from a Native American supplier
going to do it, haven’t yet. I had an aunt said she helped put
herself through school with these earrings. Go on internet & input
Native American jewelry/horse hair earrings. They could be made into
bracelets, etc. I think the earrings would be pretty easy to do. I
can’t think about it until probably after Christmas. If you don’t
find someone (but I bet you will) let me know & hopefully by then
I’ll have done it & be able to help you. Actually I need to as my
chiropractor’s family lost their family horse & we talked about
this. Good luck, Merry Christmas.

Does anyone in the group do horse hair jewelry? 

I’ve been making horse hair jewelry for quite a number of years.
Would be happy to assist you.

Linda in central FL

Elizabeth Thompson of Elizabeth Knight Jewelry has a line of
horsehair pieces.

I don’t know if she’s still active on the board, but you can contact
her through her website.

I make a large assortment of horsehair jewelry, and combine it with
custom charms, which are silhouettes of your wife’s horse and a hand
pierced name tag. I am on Facebook under Dragons Fly Designs. You can
see many examples there, click on photos, then albums then horsehair
jewelry. I don’t think I can post a link here, but if you email me
directly, I can send you a link

I have tried it but don’t do it well enough for what you are looking
for. My dressage trainer has a couple that are very nice, if you
don’t find anyone here I can get the number of the lady that made