Horology schools

Would anybody out there in orchidland know where I could learn clock
and watch repair? I would like a condesced course something I could
do 8 hours a day and complete it fairly quickly.

Thanks in advance


There is a school at the National Clock Museum in Colombia, Pa. I
don’t know anything about schedules or length of classes but I’m sure
they have a web site you can find that sort of info.



I have a very good friend that teaches clock and watch repair in
quincy il at gem city college…

Jim hush

The best I know of is North Bennet Street School in Boston.

Hope this helps,

North Seattle Community College (unlikely as it may seem) has a
highly regarded watchmaking program that is well supported by the
watch industry. They used to include some pocket watch and clock
making but I don’t know what is current.

Dr. Mac

I knew there was something I had happened on before… Go to
www.timezone.com - there is much there. Under the resources and tools
button is an online school - more an introductory thing and “do I
want to really be a watchmaker and how watches work” thing. Also
under that link is a list of schools, which is here
http://www.horology.com/ho-educa.html Also under “watch talk” is a
forum for watchmaking and repair. It’s a site much like Orchid is for


Unfortunately, North Bennet does not have a watch/clock
making/repair program. They used to, but I think it ceased in the
early 80’s. Best,