Horology and watches?

Can anyone sugest where I can find no horology and
watchmaking, prefereably discussion list of some sort.


    Can anyone suggest where I can find {on} horology
and watchmaking, prefereably  discussion list of some sort. 

You can try a search on yahoo the web site, and you may need a yahoo
account to do this; for “clocksmiths” or just clocks, cause there is 2
groups. The first clocksmiths is a “closed” group you will need to
apply and be accepted but I have found it is not a freely giving
group with It was designed for the professional (that’s
why you must apply) and keeps out or at least tries to keep out the
hobbyist. Clocks is more open but since I no longer subscribe to
either I can’t say how it has changed.

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Hi, I am a member of AWI, the American Watchmakers Institute. They
have an online discussion group and monthly magazine. Check it out
at :



You need to pay for an AWI membership to me a member of the group,
it’s $75 a year, and you get the magazine and everything.

Good luck! Drew Andrew Horn Designer, The Master’s Jewel

Try www.horology.com or www.bhi.co.uk for starters. You will find
links here to discussion links and a lot of

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield, UK