Hoover and Strong, granules\discounts

That is a nice idea. Perhaps someone on the list that does a
good deal of business with them could persuade them to make
granules. A little healthy competition always keeps the pricing

A couple of things about Hoover and Strong. We do a fair amount
of buying from them, ($60,000.00+ in 1996), and they really are a
good supplier. They will give you a quantity discount even if you
buy less than is required for the discount (get the 300 dwt price
on 25 dwt ordered or 12 peice price on 2 peices ordered), if you
meet their requirements (you buy enough). Its worth asking about
even if you don’t buy that much, they do not advertise this yet
(I think they are calling it pool pricing). They are already
cheaper than Stuller and others on many things, with the discount
you really save. The reason they are doing this is to try to
compete with Stuller, Stuller so far has been unwilling to match
this for us and we spend even more with them (they did not say
no, they said they are considering it and will get back to us) .
The other thing is it takes multiple requests from many
customers to get them to add to their product line. I have been
asking for many things, like platinum pear shape v-prong heads
with pegs for years. Tory Hoover has always said they need a
fairly large number of customers asking to justify the tooling
and labor costs. So we buy it someplace else. My point is
everyone should ask for a particular item and for discounts.

Mark Parkinson