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Hoop earring clasp suggestions?

Hi all,

I’m working in some uncharted territory here, so bear with

Have a client with a pair of 40 mm diameter inside-out diamond hoop
earrings and can’t get the clasp to stay latched tight enough. It’s
about 8.5 tcw and she’s afraid of loosing one.

Anyway, 1’st shot (after altering the post and matching plate, but
not getting enough “grip”) was to laser weld a pair of Guardian II
comfort triggers and posts to the earring, but either they won’t
hold, or you really have to squeeze them hard to release.

So now, I’m looking at rare-earth magnets. Plan is attach a piece of
curved gold wire, about 4 mm diameter (arm),and bent to ~6 mm radius,
to each half of the earring by the clasp, and where they meet (under
the earlobe) put the magnets there. But what kind and how to attach?
A few

  1. Sphere magnet (about 3mm) set in the 2 ends of the gold wire arms
    and crimp the gold over about 90% of the ball, so that the two
    spheres touch. 2. Cylinder magnet (2.5mm dia X 3 mm long) press fit
    or epoxied into the two ends of the arms. 3. Rio sells a 4 mm X 4 mm
    tube magnet with a stepped hole that can put over a post and peen.

My thought is to fabricate the two halves for each earring, attach
the magnets in the ends and connect, then weld both pieces into place
with the earrings closed for alignment.

Anyone ever do anything like this before and would like to share?
How about any suggestions on how to positively have hoops stay

Angelo Giaimo

“already afraid of loosing one” Loosing one? It’s already too loose.
Maybe you meant losing one, eh? Jerry in Kodiak

Yes, you’re right: I meant “losing” one, not “loosing” one. Need to
have them fixed by 12/6/12, so I have to act quickly on this one! ;-(