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Hoop earring - best measurement of opening



I am trying to figure out the best measurement for the opening at the top of a hoop earring

ie: a 1 inch hoop diameter
with a huggie type wire mechanism

(measurement not including the wire mechanism)

right now i am struggling to figure out the best balance between 1) the smallest opening that would accomodate most ear lobes, and 2) a wire mechanism that is not too small to be easily handled

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!




ok in response to my own question above, i did find one thing on google that stated that the average earlobe thickness (in the study) was 3.4mm

so, i think i will start with an opening of about 8-10mm…



i am also seeing photos on google images that mention these measurements for a small huggie hoop:
6mm- standard
7-8mm thick
9-10mm extra thick

and for post earrings:
11mm- standard
16mm extra long