Honor to Fellow Orchidian

Dear All - It was announced in June at the JCK show in Las Vegas
that Joy Toback-Galicki’s company Myron Toback, Inc. was named this
year’s Best Designer Supplier by the Contemporary Design Group. Joy
and husband, Eli attended our February Tucson Orchid Dinner. Awards
are nice! Pat Kulla @ Patania’s

Just a minor correction to this message. Myron Toback was last years
winner. As has been the tradition of the Contemporary Design Group
Awards dinner, last years winner presents the award to this years
winner, which was Frei & Borel. The other winners were Panache, for
best Retailer; Wendy Rosen, for best Designer Advocate; and Alishan,
for best Designer. The dinner was at the Tsunami Asian Grill in the
Venetian complex, and a good time was had by all. All the info will
be posted on the Contemporary Design Group website -
www.CDGjewelers.com. Special thanks to Rio Grande, and very special
thanks to Andrea and Margo for the wonderful time that we had at the
Saul Bell Awards dinner. It was truly great to get out and socialize
with colleagues. Best to all.

Stuart J. Adelman, Designer
Artelle Designs
President, Contemporary Design Group 2002-2004