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Honeycomb Block

Hello all, I recently bought a honeycomb block so I can better support
small items, and I am wondering if there is anything I need to know
about its use. What kind of pins or gadgets do you use to anchor
items in place? I usually use a charcoal block and I am wondering if
the honeycomb block takes a lot more heat to get the same results as
a charcoal block. Also, it looks pretty fragile - is it?

Any tips would be appreciated - thanks.

Sue in VA

What kind of pins or gadgets do you use to anchor items in place? 

I cut “U” shapes from paper clips then burn off any plating on the wire
before using.

Also, it looks pretty fragile - is it? 

It seems the more you use it the more fragile it gets. Mine usually
last a year before I drop it or knock it off the bench to shatter
into a dozen pieces…

Rick Copeland

My honeycomb block holds up very well. It is not a substitute for
a carbon block but is a good heat reflector and work holding
surface. My work holding trick with these is : Take some nichrome
Kiln heating element wire about 1 and 1/2 inches long . bend L
shape pieces with one arm about 1/2 inch long or a little shorter.
Make the bend a little over 90 degrees. insert the short end in a
honey comb hole. The long arm makes a good clamp to hold work in
place. Use as many as you need – they last until lost. You can
also use stainless steel or titanium wire. Solder won’t stick to an
oxidized wire so , get them dirty with oxide.


Sue: My honeycomb block is my best soldering friend. I use T pins I
got from a fabric store. I have them in various sizes as the smaller
ones can slip into a half a hole when the bigger ones won’t. The one
thing I learned the hard way was to use white out on the pins before
soldering. They will end up soldered to your work.

Hope this is helpful.