Homemde Jump ring maker

I’m looking for a tool to help make and cut jump rings. Other than
the relatively expensive jump ring maker from Rio Grande, are there
any other alternatives?

Dave Ahrens has one at a reasonable cost. He does not promote his
products on this site. Is a very helpful man, as is Ray Grossman of
Jump Ringer. Teresa

Teresa, How can one reach Dave Aherns? I sawed a whole lot of
little jump rings last night. and there must be a better way. Thanks for the info.
Joyce Albers

Hello! I wrap wire around a thicker wire, and insert it into a
drill…that will get you your coils… then i use a jeweller’s saw
with 0\6 or 0\8 blades to cut rings off the coil…a very portable
system (cut rings while watching tv!) i prefer doing it by hand
because of the greater amount of control had over the quality of the
rings…and requires no more than a household drill and a bit of
spare steel wire (or whatever) hope this helps, erhard.

Joyce, I mistyped yesterday, the name is Arens, he is in Tucson and
also online. If you do not receive a direct answer from him by
tomorrow, I will dig out the paper work I recently shared and get it
for you.

Dave, help me out, my filing system lacks. Teresa

For anyone interested, David Arens makes a number of tools for making
chains. I purchased a couple of things from him last year and they
were great. I have not tried the jump wringer cutter that someone
said they got from David. I have, however, tried the one that is sold
by RIO. Although I have heard mixed reviews about it, I did not have
any success using it to cut fine silver links. I tried to cut 16
gauge wire and all I ended up with was a bunch of unusable jump rings
that looked like the metal had been smooshed (for lack of a more
technical term!) at the seam. Maybe sterling silver would hold up
better against the metal blade. I still prefer my .009" separating
discs. I would recommend getting David’s tool list, however. His
jump ring cutter may be different. But, besides that, he’s got some
interesting items for making chains. His number is 520-749-2413; and
his e-mail address is gemstonesetc@gci-net.com.

Neda Nassiri

Hi All I have found that the best way to cut jump rings is with a
circular aw( can cut 6000 per hour made from 1mm silver wire). The m/c
we have was made years ago from a old motor and 1/2inch shaft and 2
brass bearing blocks .The blade is20mm dia and revolves at 200rpm a6
to1 step down from a standard 1200rpm motor .the saw table needs to
be rise and fall and a Vee groove where the blade comes through to
guide the jump ring coil .Make sure the blade is the type with the
brass center( the ones used on ring cutters) since they have a thread
and can be screwed onto the shaft. Regards David Sheard