Homemade wax injector

Hi everyone, I am a working jeweller and watchmaker in the UK and
have been employed in my own business for 25 years.

I am presently setting up a lost wax casting workshop and have made
much of the equipment required.

One item I am particularly pleased with is my homemade wax injector.
I made this from bits and pieces around the workshop and the total
cost was in the region of =A330.00 UKP. It works well and I am able
to control temperature as well as pressure of wax delivered. I
wonder if members of this group would find this item of interest and
if so is there somewhere in this group I could place photos of it so
that others may benefit from it.

Although I designed and made the relief and injector valve which
involved using a lathe I can see no reason why a relief and injector
valve could not be bought as ready made items. Other than that if you
can silver solder you can make this injector at a fraction of the
retail cost.

Regards Alan Lewis From South Wales in the UK