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Homemade vulcanizer

Waffel Maker w/thermostat control. Seperate the 2 halves, build a metal
frame. Use a Carpenters vise-not a reg vise. bolt the top half of the
waffel maker to the bottom plate of the vise. As you crank down the vise
it puts pressure on the mold which is between the two halves of the waffel
maker. I set the waffel maker thermo to about 350-thermo must be the kind
that goes on and off to hold temperature. wired a 60 minute elec.timer to
the unit and set for 60 min. works great. cost: 30,00 waffel maker
(new-Wal Mart), $8.00 timer, $3.00 carpenters vise (garage Sale). More
info if any interest.
Robert Wayne (orchid) @plastics

Hi Robert

Great tip on the vulcanizer. I made some frames (poured the aluminum into
plaster moulds then machines them a bit). Addes some 1/16-inch aluminum
plates top and bottom and a C-clamp and, voila! Works perfectly.

However, I use the family gas oven to do the vulcanizing. Works great,
too. The only problem (minor) was to do some test runs to find perfect
time and temp.

Next time I see a waffle maker going cheap I going to pick it up and get

Any other tips that you can pass on about this expression of your
practical genius? I’d (we’d) sure like to head them.

Jeff Booth
Oakville, Ontario