Homemade Vacuum cleaner for casting?

Hi All I’m considering to construct a vacuum casting machine I
already have the vacuum pump and some ideas that I’ve found in
different webpages and by the way some of them called my attention
cause there are some jewelry schools that instruct their students how
to build their own equipment out of household appliances and how to
melt metal in a regular nonalterated microwave oven and how to use a
vacuum cleaner for casting. Is it possible to do this? Recently I
have seen some very small vacuum cleaners with the capacity to lift
up 150 pounds. Just curiosity. Marco

A vacuum cleaner isn’t enough for vacuum casting! The 150m pound
lift can be real but it is in the wrong context for what you want.
The microwave oven stuff was done by David Reid – This can be
done- how safe is questionable. SEE: