Homemade tools!

I have a homemade 1"X30" belt sander. 1/4 hp motor bolted to a
3/4" plywood base. 2 1/2" wooden drive drum on a spindle. Oak
structure supporting another 2 1/2" drum spinning on a 1/2" bolt
riding in a bronze bushing. Tension is supplied by a piece of
shock cord. Small wooden table. Works great. Total investment:
less than $10!

I also have created several dapping punches with some steel
balls that I found in a used tool store. The balls are hardend
steele and appeared to be a set of some sort. They range in size
from 1/4" to 2" and are beautifully polished. I silver soldered a
few of the small ones and welded some of the big ones onto steel
rod and have a nice set of punches. My favorite is the two inch
ball on a 3/4" rod-lots of surface area for working on with it
set in a vice. Total investment:$7!


Good job! That’s what this whole jewelry business is about,
right? Be open to new technology, and combine it with yesterdays
knowledge- that’s my motto. Tim Goodwin @tmn8tr