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Homemade Magnetic Tumbler Plans

Hello All, I have posted the sketches and parts list for a home made
magnetic tumbler at the following web site:

The site is not very professional, but it contains most of the
necessary needed to construct your own tumbler. If you
have any further questions, please email me.

Best of luck!

Hi Bob, Nice Plans for the magnetic pin polisher . I think it will
work fine. I built a similar machine about 2 years ago, but used a 90
volt dc 1/3hp motor (about $150) with a fan built into the motor. This
allowed the use of a dc Controller made by KB electronics which will
convert your Ac current to DC and also gives you the ability to have
complete speed control from 50 rpm to 1800rpm.Higher RPM’s are
available, But not neccessary. Where do you get the 1.2mm balls? I
have been looking for them for a few weeks.

Thanks for the well explained plans.
Daniel Grandi

Hi all, the folks over at Sherline manufacturer of miniature lathes
and milling machines sale their fine motor for around 140.00 dollars.
It is a 90 Volt DC motor that can operate from 0 to 3000 RPM it’s
ventilated and comes with a variable speed controller. After looking
at the plans for a home made Magnetic tumbler I believe it would work
just fine.

I have four of this units running on my lathes and mill’s and they
have performed flawless for years. Great low end torque.

They can be contacted at

I hope this helps.

Daniel Grandi, could you explain more about using DC Controllers and
DC motors? C & H Sales has a lot of these for sale at reasonable
prices, and speed control is important in lots of applications.

Hi Ricacardo,

Would you care to list an address, phone /fax number, e-mail for C &
H? The only C & H I’m familiar with is the one that makes sugar (bg).
I’m sure lots of others would be interested also.


 could you explain more about using DC Controllers and DC motors?  
C & H Sales has a lot of these for sale at reasonable prices, and 
speed control is important in lots of applications. 

Hi Ricardo, You are correct about speed control being important for
many applications. DC motors are also more easily controlled for a
lower cost than most Ac motors that can do the same thing.

Also, Dynamic braking is possible with Dc motors by having a multipole
relay set up before the motor. What this will do is bring the motor to
a quick stop (without damage) Any good electrical/motor shop should be
able to help with schematics. This
website explains it all to those who understand the electronics the
kbic controller is very reliable. Applications where I have used DC
controls are on White metal casting machines, 1 1/2 horsepower dc
polishing motors (with a max 3000 rpm) … vibratory machines and a
whole lot of others… Hope this is a help to some.

Daniel Grandi

Hi Dave,

Re: DC motors.
Here is the info for C&H:
Located in Pasadena, California Phone 800.325.9465
Thanks to Daniel Grandi for the tips about DC motors.

On the subject of tool suppliers, here is another source to look at
for things like motors, grinders, and shop tools:

Grizzly Industrial
3 locations:  Bellingham, WA, Springfield, MO, and Willamsport, PA

Riccardo Accurso
Ricco Gallery of Contemporary Art Jewelry
125 W German St /PO Box 883
Shepherdstown, WV 25443-0883

Hi, Does anyone know where to get the 1mm to 1.2 mm steel/stainless
beads that can be used in a magnetic tumbler? Any help would bw
appreciated. Thanks ,

Daniel Grandi

Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for the info & the quick response!

In addition to jewelry & faceting, I’ve got a well equipped machine
shop. You might say I’m kind of a tool junkie. If I can’t find it, I
make it. In fact I make a number of chain makers tools.

Thanks again,

Hello Daniel,

Who ever sells those magnetic tumblers,they have the steel shots
available.Since I’m not that familiar with american supply stores,it
would be worth it checking various manufacturers ot find the cheapest
price.Here are allready some addresses to start with. Hope you find the right one !!

Regards Pedro

Hello Daniel, the stainless balls for the magnetic tumbler can be
obtained from Romanoff, part # 82-2733-3. they are not actually
balls, but i suppose that they are close enough to be called that.
romanoff’s number is 1-800-221-7448, and the ball shot is quite
pricey. i believe that swest carries them, too.


Hi Daniel, Some Gun Shops sell shells that have very small
stainless steel shot inside of them…Hummm… Better hurry
before the million moms put them out of business. …Susan Chastain