Homemade Casting Equipment

Greetings All:

A few weeks ago there was a thread and questions on making
casting and lapidary euipment.

At that time I knew a I had abooklet on the main items - a good
HOW TO… -but could not find it.

I found it today ; it provides HOW TO and working plans to make
at home:

Vacuum Investment Mixer
Burnour Oven (600W of higher)
Pressure Casting Machine	
Simple Wax extruder

Also : How to make Rubber Molds

Wax Injector
Wax Patterns
Invest Wax Pattern
Burn Out and Cast
Rubber Molds and duplicate Patters
Rubber Molds without vulcanizing.

In all instances there are working blue-print type plans,
photographs and a sort bill of materials - For myself I built a
600W Burnout oven because the commercial ones were all 1800W+,
and as a hobbyist I never cast more than 2-3 pieces at a time.

My apologies to the bigtimers on the list - these notes are
basically for the small-time hobbyists like me.

The booklet is:

Handbook of Lost Wax or Investment Casting, by James E. Sopciak
Pulished by Gembooks, Mentone CA, 92359 (1968) Tyhe cost was
then $2.00


Joe Bokor