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Home studio insurance?

Hello all!

I am looking into possibly moving my studio to my home (or on the
property) and I am wondering if anyone has experience with insurance
for their home studio. I have inquired a few times with random
insurance agents but as soon as they hear I deal with “fine jewelry”
(diamonds, gold), they say they don’t cover it. Any ideas? Any
recommendations? I am a tiny business (just me, low volume, no
employees, no customers to the premises).

Thank you in advance!

Jewelers Mutual has a “craftsman” policy which covers home shops. I
am also moving my shop home, but I haven’t had a chance to check it
out. …Teddy

Mine is covered as a rider to my home owners, which is with Auto
Owner’s Insurance. They have been great to work with!

Beth Wicker

i’m very happy with jewelers mutual, had to jump through some hoops
to qualify but they were reasonable ones to ask and what you want to
do for own protection any way

The big reason is one of security. The home owners type of insurance
see this as a red flag for potential payout, major. I have a Grandson
in insurance and he knows of no one who will cover your needs except
a business unde rwriter. He said it will probably be spendy as well
as them wanting to see the security arrangements to protect your
goods. Hidden out of sight in a burb does not count as security.I’m
sure that one of the business owners on here can tell you a lot more
from direct experience. John (Jack) Sexton The most precious things
in life cannotbe built by handor bought by man.