Home schooling

I have been looking for a stone setting course I can take at my
home. Health problems have me homebound now for about 2 years. I
need desperately to brush up and learn a little more (or allot
more) stone setting. My husband, bless his little heart, has
willingly let me turn more than half our home into my shop or as
he calls it my own little world. I know that it will be more of a
challenge but I am loosing some of my ability to do some of the
more technical stuff and need the brush up if just for sanity’s
sake. Any will be appreciated…TIA…Char

Rob & Charolette Purviance Jr.
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Guthrie, Ok. 73044

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Charlette, I would suggest you check the GIA or Gesswein
booklists and buy all the books and videos you can lay your hands
on. If that isn’t enough there are stone setters that can be
hired on an hourly or daily basis. Instead of having them set
stones have them teach you at your home. Good luck