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Home Photography set ups

Hi All,

I am in the last stages of putting together a presentation on
jewelry photography.

While several people sent me interesting images of how they set up
for photography I am still looking for some more examples, of course
as soon as possible. You can send images and descriptions and your
contact to

Thankyou all,


I just want to say a great big “THANKS” for all of your writings! I
periodically go through the files on Ganoksin, and catch more of
your articles. They always leave me with a clearer understanding of
whatever the topic of the day is. I really appreciate both your
clarity and your willingness to share your expertise, and the
Ganoksin site for hosting them!

Beth in SC, where it is once again supposed to be around 105, with a
heat index of 115 - they are saying “only a screen door separates SC
from hell” - feels much too true!