Home parties to sell Jewelry?(long)

More info, if you please, as December will be upon us
soooooon. What did you try to sell at the parties?  > What kind
of parties worked best?  What kind of people got invited?  Ply
them with alcohol to loosen them up?  Have small dolllar items
to get them to spend SOMETHING even if they didn't want to buy
your latest masterpkece?  Etc., Etc0.  "Price point" ( forgive
the expression ) at $30, $100?  Silver, gold?  Help, help! 

Hi…glad to respond. This year is the first year where it’s
going to be a full-out sale situation. In the past I have had
“charity Christmas events” Which meant I adopted a Salvation Army
family and suggested everyone I invited to my open house select
a gift from a list of the families needs. Our friends were so
generous our families ended up getting very merry holidays
indeed. In the meantime there were always people who wanted a
tour of the studio and to purchase gifts. This year I decided I
should have an open house sale but couldn’t see doing two

We decided to have a Friday evening/Saturday open house with food
and merriment If people bring a new toy or warm childrens
clothing to donate we will give them a discount off of their
purchases. While we will offer liquid refreshment I am hoping we
won’t need them inebriated in order to get them to shop :> The
mailing list includes friends, family and neighbors…but I am
hoping the list I compiled from my summer shows will pull in the
crowds. An artist friend is doing it with me so we have a
non-relative mailing list of about 350 people…there may be an
article in the local paper.

My price point for jewelry starts at $34 and I would say the
under $40 range is the popular gift for friends…the $60+ pins
category tends to be reserved for moms, wives etc. My friend
sells alot of painting but also does switchplates, ornaments and
frames which we are guessing will be her big seller. Wish us

Hey, any of you locals in Chicagoland wanting an invite please
forward your snailmail and I’ll make sure you get one…Karen


Hi Karen,

I would love to get an invite. I also hope that we can get
together with Kat, and Chunk for coffee at the very least. I’m
not far from you. I live in LaGrange. My address is:

      Skip Meister
      5517 Linden Ave.
      LaGrange, Ilinois


                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

Karen: Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Karen: Good luck and let us know how it turns out.