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Home Made centrifugal magnetic finisher

Hello Orchids I am a silversmith from Greece ,my name is Nikiforos and
i find the forum very intersting.I want to make a centrifugal
magnetic finisher by my self so maybe someone knows how many turns
per minute must have the moter,the distance between the pins from the
magnets and how many pins i must use for these constants.Tell me if i
have to use water with some liquid.

Greetings from Greece
e-mail : @nikleg


I have made nearly 20 magnetic tumblers for myself and colleagues in
the U.S. and would be happy to email to those interested a rough
sketch of the design and a parts list with suppliers.

If anyone is interested, please email me and I will send the graphics
files off list.


** Hanuman’s Response **

Bob, Why not to share the files with all of us? :slight_smile: Use the Orchid FTP
site, Or just mail the files to me at and I will
upload them.

Thanks for sharing

hello Bob I am Nikiforos from Greece and i’m really interest to make a
magnetic tumbler and i would be very happy if you send some details
about it.Please send me e-mail in @nikleg