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Please can anyone advise me if there is any way to refine gold,
besides using a professional Refinery or a refining machine.


There is a kit made by the i-shor company … People say it works welll

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You might be interested in an article that appeared in AJM magazine
in October, 2003 by Dr. Christopher Corti of World Gold Council. In
the article, he discusses in detail six methods of refining precious
metals, ranging from ancient to modern.

From reading the article, I rather doubt this is something that you
really want to do at home – all the methods discussed involve
potentially hazardous substances and/or processes. But I can’t think
of a better way of answering your questions (and probably some you
haven’t thought of) than reading this article.

To order a copy of the article, visit the AJM Web site at
www.ajm-magazine.com. MJSA members can get free copies, while others
pay a processing fee, I think $5 per article.


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There is a kit made by the i-shor company ... People say it works

No it does not work well .Don’t throw your money away on this
product. Jerome

I was considering purchasing the Simplicity system. What makes you
say it doesn’t work well? My Dad had a bad experience with it but I
always assumed that it was because he didn’t read the destructions.
I have a lot of scrap esp. with melee which I want to refine and uise
for casting. I’m finally getting my vac casting process down to a
"science" (except when stuller sells you a warped flask and you don’t
know it till you see it rocking on the machine…) but sometimes I’ll
get a porosity bubble in a bad spot ruining a hand carved wax and a
burnout cycle… The refiners like to keep the melee and then I
always feel ripped off on the gold anyway. that’s why I wanted to do
it myself.


Stanley I found for the time it takes and for the poor returns it
just wasn’t worth it. And in the end I was still sending material in
to the refiner. They will tell you that the system is easy to use but
it isn’t. By the time you get all the kinks worked and for the poor
returns you might as well sent it to a refiner anyways. Find one you
are happy with and go for it. I have my system sitting in my back
yard. If you want it I will sell it to you for a great price.