Home Depot torch?

I need a new torch for student use. It has to be small,
transportable. I saw one at Home Depot that I haven’t seen before,
it has tiny regulators and uses oxygen and Mapp gas (disposable
tanks). The package says Mapp gas. It’s a great little torch with
a small tip.

My question is, can you use such a torch with propane, or if it says
Mapp, do you have to use Mapp? My understanding is that Mapp gas is
much hotter and not appropriate.


Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor

Hi Elaine

I got one of those torches and like it just fine. If I recall right,
seems that when I tried to use it with the Mapp gas that there was a
whole lotta flamin’ and a whole LOTTA of black sooty ash flying
EVERYwhere! Ever since then it’s been hooked up to oyxgen & propane
instead. Sometimes I’ve had to monkey a little with the regulator
knobs to get the right mix of the 2 gases to get a small flame, but
with some practice…One drawback is that the oxygen runs out pretty
darned fast. But they’re certainly inexpensive enough to justify
getting one and giving it a try?

Have a Good One, Carol

The biggest problem with those " throw away" tank systems is the
very high cost overall and particularly the low oxygen content in
the tanks. If you can get by with a propane- air , or acetylene -
air torch go this route. The system you are talking about can use

I use propane -air for most everything but also have
oxy-acetylene for very big stuff ( outside jewelry scale).