Hollow wax models

How can i do hollow wax models that i obtein a good result?with
water solouble wax? thanks

It’s easy enough to make a hollow wax - the trick is to cast it. If
you make a signet ring out of sheet wax, completely enclosing a void
inside, when you cast it you will get a solid ring - there’s no way
for the investment to get inside. You can put an investment core in
the center, but then you have to “pin” it in place (there are a
variety of ways) or it will just fall down when the surrounding wax
burns away. Foundries and sculpture-casters deal with these issues
all the time…

Nardon, Yes…you use water soluble was to build up the hollow area
then layer the casting wax sheet over it. When you attain the shape
and thickness you desire, the inside wax is removed by putting it
into warm water leaving the hollow. Cheers from Don at The Charles
Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!