Hollow tubes in wax

can anybody explain to me how can i make hollow tubes in wax?which
is the wax that i can use?can i rolling sheet wax in a nail?please
explain to me.thanks very much

Do they have to be wax, or do they just have to be something that
will cleanly burn out? If the latter, I’ve used many different things
to make tubes. What I find works very well is clear polypropylene
tubing. It comes in a myriad of sizes from very small to immense, wax
will adhere to it for purposes of model making, and it burns out
excellently with no special treatment.



can anybody explain to me how can i make hollow tubes in wax?which
is the wax that i can use?<

I don’t know what size tubes you want to make but here’s a method
I’ve used to make some tubes. The wax I used was just some scraps I
had, I think they were pieces of spru wax.

Find a metal mandrel the inside diameter of the tube you want. An
nail or any metal the right diameter will work. It needs to be a
little longer than the desired tube. Be sure the mandrel is clean &

Melt the wax in a container that’s a little deeper than the length
of the tube you want.

When the wax is melted, dip the mandrel in the wax while holding it
perpendicular to the wax surface. Leave it a few seconds & withdraw
it, again perpendicular.

Let the withdrawn mandrel & wax cool a little. Re-dip & withdraw the
mandrel & wax a few times until the desired thickness is developed.
Allow time for cooling after each dipping.

Let the completed wax cool completely & remove from the mandrel.

This is a similar process to that used to make cndles by dipping.


Try taking apart a pen or mechanical pencil. Depending on the pen
there will be a variety of plastic tubes that can be sprued and
burnt out. The pen body, the ink tube even the plunger can sometimes
be used as a short tube. You may just get lucky and find something
the size you’re looking for.

John Sholl
Littleton, Colorado