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Hollow Forms & boiling out flux

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading the posts re soldering hollow forms and air
holes with interest. I design and fabricate a lot of hollow forms
in my work and to be safe I have always drilled a small pinprick
hole into an inconspicuous area to avoid potential problems. I have
not been covering the hole because it is usually so unnoticeable in
the finished piece. Of course, by not soldering over the hole you
have the problem of getting rid of the flux and moisture that
eventually leaks out of the hole. I have been boiling my pieces to
boil out the flux and then of course have to allow them to dry fully
before final polish and stone setting. Does anyone have a better
solution to the boiling method? I am curious to find out how others
deal with this problem.

Also, on the subject of Keum Boo does anyone know of a workshop or
person who could teach the technique in the Cleveland or NE Ohio
area?? Can’t really travel to a workshop right now but would love
to learn it.

Thanks for any responses. GRACE in Cleveland