[Holland] Jewelry Attractions

We’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to Holland next month –
flying in to Amsterdam, driving to a meeting in Noordvijk.

Question is whether there are sights for a silversmith (jewelry) to
see – other silversmiths, shops, galleries, museums.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jill Morrison
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I live in Amsterdam!

Go to the Grimburgwal, there are several shops en galleries (f.i.
Hans Appenzeller), gallery Ra at de Vijzelgracht is the leading
gallery in Amsterdam for modern jewelry, be sure you ask them to
unlock all the drawers! You are so lucky! A big retrospective
exposition in de beurs van Berlage (nice architecture too) dealing
with dutch jewelry, has just opened his doors.

If you are also interested in historical art of the dutch, then you
must visit The Rijksmuseum. They are celebrating their 200th
anniversary with a seldom seen exhibition of the golden century
(Rembrandts time). Besides de Nachtwacht you cann see al kind of
paintings, silverwork (Vianen en Lutma, famous dutch
silversmiths)Delfst blauw, etc. After you visit the Rijksmuseum,
visit de jewelrygallery van Anneke Schat at de Spiegelgracht, one of
the leading ladies in dutch jewelry. At the Prinsengracht is the
gallery Louise Smit, also with contempory jewelry.

Schoonhoven is the historical silvercentre of Holland, the goldsmith
school is also situated there. If you happen to be in holland at
monday 12th of june (white monday in holland), there is an annual
silverday in Schoonhoven. With exhibitions of students, galleries,
wholesales, demonstrations. Also visit the watertower in Schoonhoven,
they always have a wonderfull silverexpo (silverwork).

You do know that the european championship footbal is taking place in
june in Holland and Belgium? We don’t expect problems with hooligans,
but you knever know!

Hope you will enjoy your visit in Holland. Hope to hear from you
weather you liked the suggestions. You cann e-mail me off-line if you
want to.

have fun
Marlein Bong

I just returned from Holland.I tried to find goldsmiths other than the
usual commercial types, but sorry in travelling extensively thru out
Holland I only found ONE, an Architect ( woman) who found practice to
difficult as a woman,and turned to goldsmithing. Sorry I didnt take a
card,…I was very disappointed

Stanley R. Rosenberg

Il you like contemporary jewelry, go and see Hans Appenzeller shop,
adress: Grimburgwal 1 1012 GA Amsterdam Internet:

Go to see Anneke Schat work, Spiegelgracht 20a 1017 Amsterdam. Open :
10 am to 18h00 http://www.schatart.com

This adress belongs to a big jewelry shop, very intersting because
they have lots of contemporary jewelery from Germany and other parts
of north Europe, specially collections by Lapponia Jewelry (from
Finland) , very nice and very interesting, it’s not so far from

Ace & Spyer juweliers
Kinongsplein 1
1017 Amsterdam

Go to visit The Troppenmuseum, ex colonialist museum, you’ll find
lots of jewelry from Indonesia and it’s a very nice museum to see
music instruments from every part of this world. Holland is a nice
country!! And people are very nice and helpful. Go to Rijmuseum,
you’ll see all the flemish painting school, dont’ loose it. In face of
this museum, you have the Van Gogh museum, go ! it’s so beautiful! If
you have time, go to Haarlem (15mn by train) it’s a very beautiful
town of the middle age, There is a very nice jewelry shop there,
adress: Warmoesstraat 2, 2011 Haarlem. See the way they expose their
jewelry, its’ very very interesting ! I hope this adresses will help
you and that my english good enough to be understood.

Best regards from Argentina

Andrew and Jill,

I recommend Gallery Ra in Amsterdam, run by Paul Derrez.

Sorry no address. Anyone else know? Marlein, could you look them up?

Mmmm, Amsterdam. Ruth and I might even travel across to Holland in
August when we’re in London.

B r i a n � A d a m
J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r

Hi Stanley, Sorry to here you are disappointed. We’ve got a big
tradition, but you must know your adresses, there are not many
goldsmiths, not-the-usual-kind. The ones not-the-usual-kind don’t
have their atelier in the mainstreets, because they don’t earn that
much, they cannot pay the square meter price of an a-location. If I
would visit a country I wouldn’t either know where to go too, but I
will ask my great source on the orchid and make a big search on the

I am still a student (in the evening) but for years very interested
in jewelry and art. I visit all kinds of exhibitions, to me that’s
very importent for the inspiration and development.

Hope you will enjoy your next visit to Holland more than you did last

greetings from a very stormy Holland where the trees fell into the

Marlein Bong