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Holding a project while polishing or setting

Some ideas on holding a project while polishing or stone setting

If I can hold the work and see it well too, then my biggest
difficulties are made smaller . Holding work while setting can be done
on a ring mandrel, but I like my GRS Benchmate. Pages 126,127 & 128
in Rio Grande’s catalog. I will recommend the Benchmate Plus Kit (B)
$ 284.00 Also highly recommended is the Inside Ring Holder (H) $

These items can be enhanced by using DIY shellac pads and Jett Sett
cups. This is already in the Orchid archives.

Other means to hold rings while sanding and polishing are Ring
Holding Pliers ( I ) $ 8.95 Buy two so you can shape one each for
large and small rings. ( Rio Grande Catalog Page 211 ) Line them with
protective tape - " Alligator Skin " - page 456 . $ 8.30 Use it on
your hands as well for protection while polishing . The leather
finger guards $ 7.10 are also recommended and are safe to use.

When these wrappings or coverings are all black and worn out, save
them with your polishing waste for refining.

Thank You for your contributions