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Hold time when annealing in a Kiln

Hello, when annealing in a kiln silver, bronze and copper sheet, how long do I need to hold at the anneal time for each metal?

15 minutes for silver. I don’t know about the others.


Following is link to a Stuller resource that discusses annealing and hardening silver in a kiln. I often use my kiln to harden silver pieces at 600 degrees. I have also used it to anneal coils of wire, but it takes a long time to get to 1200 degrees, so I usually just use a torch. You should coat with some kind of flux first. I use alcohol and boric acid. The silver will likely come out with a discolored surface, but it polishes off readily…Rob,minutes%2C%20quench%20or%20air%20cool.

Thanks Rob, I need to anneal rolled sheet.

Thanks for the link Rob. Silver is 1100F and hold for 10 mins followed by water quenching. Based on the article I am going to assume that 10 mins is the standard.