Hoke torch users

Greetings everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US.

I’ve only used the Smith Silversmith Air-Acetylene system in classes
up until now, but I’m considering buying a torch of my own for a
small home studio. The Hoke seemed appealing for various reasons,
but I wonder - can it be used with disposable oxy and propane tanks?
Also, I’ve never seen hoses with stainless steel clamps, only
threaded ones. Where do you get those hoses, and isn’t it kind of
dangerous in terms of leaks? Thank you for any advice or input.

I use a Hoke with oxygen and propane, and believe you can get screw
fittings for disposable tanks, too. However, I have no experience
with stainless clamps on the hoses. My Hoke is my #2 torch, and I’ve
had it for 5 years now. I converted it to a mini torch by putting on
an adapter, and use it primarily for things like re-tipping.

Jim Small
Small Wonders