[History] The practice of faceting

On that note, I have read that the practice of faceting began as an
attempt to enhance the flat, geometric faces of crystals, which would
mean that the use of crystals in jewelry predates the use of faceted
stones. Perhaps “back in the day” lapidaries were in an uproar over
faceting, which was after all an enhancement and a synthetic treatment
of the stone…

Lee Einer

Without a doubt faceting is an enhancement of the stones, just like
maybe using other than 24kt gold might be considered an enhancement.
Oh yeah and don’t forget no heating of the gold, could be considered
treatment as well, better to just beat it around the xls…


Rough stone value is determined by the rough stone you have. All
enhancement does is make the stone more salable. The size, shape,
color, and clarity of the rough stone determines the value of the
piece. Enhancing that piece of rough by the correct placement of
flat spots. curved grooves, and symmetrical repetition makes the
piece of rough salable. That’s what I do. We Cut
Rocks, WCR. Life’s great. Gerry