History of Copper

Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a good book or books on the history
of copper?

How it was first used, by whom (bronze age I presume); its
significance and use to major historical cultures (egyptians, greeks,
romans, other), what wars may have been fought for control of copper
resources, what national economies or royal fortunes may have been
built on control of copper mines (eg Sweeden & the “Kopperberg”);
primitive, medieval, and eighteenth century smelting techniques;
biggest copper mines than and now…all that sort of
thing…strategic uses of the metal…curious anecdotes & facts…

Cheers & thanks for any pointers,
Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Hello Hans! Browse through the www.chapters.indigo.ca web site,
under “Book advanced search”, keyword “copper”. I found 13 pages of
copper related books! A good bunch of them are history-related books
on copper mining, treasuring, etc. If you ever read one or more of
these books, give us fellow orchidians a review!

Hope this helps!
Benoit Hamel
Montreal, Canada