Historical Jewelry- spot on, Tas

As long as I have the books out- Kentish would mean “of or
pertaining to Kent”, an ancient kingdom in SE Britain settled at one
point by peoples from Belgium- the Ambiani, I think, I may be off on
the origin. There were a few Celts around, but by no means were they
the only players. The kingdoms of Wessex, Sussex, Kent, Mercia, East
Anglia, all very ancient place names for people with sophisticated
cultures,sophisticated goldsmithing, and none of them Celts. You want
Celts? Look to Ireland, modern Scotland, Normandy. Cloisonne as a
term for complex garnet jewelry and artifacts from Europe and Britain
is good enough for the British Museum, so I’d think it’s quite good
enough. The reference I’m looking at is about the Sutton Hoo
artifacts; in East Anglia hard by Kent. Matches Tas’s description