Historical documentation

Wow. you’re service sounds wondeful. Are you able to aid in the scholarly
documentation and dating of processes as well, by any chance?

For instance in the making of rose water and rose oil a by product paste of
rose petals is discarded. This paste makes a fragrant clay -like substance
useable in making a very distictive bead…a rose petal bead…this is an
obscure question!

Can you lead me to any primary or secondary documentation to prove its age
or origins?

I make these beads. I would dearly love to have a decent history of it! I
have found that Bulgaria is the foremost rose oil manufacturers and that
Iran is the primary exporters of rose water. But I lack a good bibliography

Do you have any suggestions for the similar documentation (date and origin)
of glass melted onto metal beads?

Thank you for your kind attention, Sincerely, Diane Merrill

I, too, make rose petal beads, and when looking up info over the
summer, I found to references to rose petal beads and rosaries. I’ll
be glad to give you the info on where I found this info, if you wish
it. Just email me. Hope it helps… J.Shaw