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Hissing from oxygen regulator

I have had my smith regulators set up for oxy/propane for about 3
years withno problems. However, I haven’t used them in the last
year, and I recently attached them and did some soldering but my
oxygen tank was hissing. I don’t remember it doing that before. It
seems to be coming from the non-psi dial (Idon’t know what it’s
called, and I’m not sitting in front of it). I have a dual torch set
up; a Meco Midget and a Smith Little Torch. It seems to work fine,
so I don’t know if I should be concerned or not. When I set it up I
didthe spray with soapy water test, and no leaks, but it immediately
started hissing. When I relieve the pressure it goes down, but when
it builds back upagain it comes back.

If it is the regulators, what do I do? I purchased them from Otto
Frei in 2009ish.


Tara, it might be the diaphragm in the regulator. Either have it
repaired or my suggestion would get a new one. They get old and


I too have a Meco torch outfit that I purchased from Otto Frei three
years ago. The O2 regulator will occasionally start to make noises.
If I shut down and depressurize the regulator by closing the main
tank valve and opening the torch valve until both gages read zero,
check all my threaded connections and then pressurize back up, it
will usually clear. When I shut down for the day, I also completely
depressurize. This is my second regulator, the first was bad right
from the start. Good luck. Rob

Rob Meixner

I would send it in to them for repairs. It is pretty new for this
sort of problem. Most likely a holein a diaphragm. Be sure the
regulator is tight in the tank receiver.