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Hiring a proficient jeweler


I am new to the forum so I hope this question falls into the scope
of this list. I am moving into a larger office and have added a
jewelry workshop to the office plans. My intent is to begin
manufacturing our own jewelry but i must first find a jeweler for my
shop. Ideally I need a jeweler proficient in wax carving, casting
(platinum and gold), setting, repairs, and able to make hand made
jewelry(this is not a must). Basically i am looking for an all around
knowledgeable jeweler. We still have outside sources to get work
done, but it would be nice to have someone knowledgeable of all the
processes. The only contact I have with jewelers are the ones in my
surrounding area. Is there any place (ie forum, web site, want ads)
where jewelers look? Has anyone gone through this hiring process and
have any tips.

Any people can provide would be appreciated.


Hi Vikas ~

I know of many folks who qualify for the position but here is the
issue; understanding that this type of talent and experience in a
jeweler comes with a pricetag. Anyone who has the kind of expertise
and ability that you are seeking either has a stable full time
position or else they are self-employed. If you can lure them into
your workshop I think it’s wise to consider what you could offer
first as far as salary and benefits before beginning your
interviews. Good ‘magicians’ are hard to find nowadays and deserve
top pay.

Good Luck
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