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Hinged Bangle



I want to make a simple hinged bangle but I’m unsure how to create
the mechanism. I currently make stacking bangles–people like them,
and even though I make three different sizes, many people have
trouble fitting them. One of the stores I sell to has asked for a
larger variety of sizes, but I can’t see making 8 different sizes. A
hinged bangle seems to be a good solution, and I’ve tried to create
some mechanisms but I’m not having any real success. Does anyone
know of any existing tutorials or instructions that might help me?

Beth T.


There is an article on assembling the hollow bangle bracelet on page
501 in Stuller’s findings book volume 47. I am not sure it would
work on non=hollow bracelets but it is good Also check
out Tim McCreight’s The Complete Metalsmith…good section on
clasps. Also the "Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes and Lockets. Tim
McCreight also. You can get these at RIO.

Good Luck.
Maryfrances Dunker


Dear Beth, you can find a complete description of how to make a
Hinged Bangle Bracelet, with tube based hinge and clasp in my book,
Professional Goldsmithing, pages 148-153. A more advanced Hollow
Bracelet is on pages 170-176.


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