Highland Park wet belt sander

We use ancient Highland Park vertical wet belt sanders for
prefinishing processes. These machines take 3" wide belts and have a
water drip connected to the top contact wheel guard. The thing we
like about these old workhorses is that they have enough clearance
between the bottom contact wheel and the catch pan to permit using
the lower front curve of the belt. It comes in handy when de-spruing
ring shanks.

Our remaining two machines are over 20 years old. Others have been
cannibalized for parts. The drums have been reground several times
and the problems with belt slippage are becoming a significant issue.
I’ve tried contacting Highland Park with no success. Does anyone
know if they are still in business and if so, what their contact
is? Any would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Shimazu

Highland Park no longer exists. I may be wrong but check with
Diamond Pacific; I think they bought Highland Park. K Kelly


Highland Park was bought by Diamond Pacific many years ago. If you
contact them, they may still have some parts to fix your sanders or
possibly have some ideas on how to correct any problems.

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