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Higher Education to improve Job Opportunities?


I need advice on how to further my education & hence the job
opportunity outside my country of residence, India, preferably UK.
Is education a means to an end??

I have been in the field of jewellery for the past 9+years and for
the better part of my career in teaching short term courses in
Jewellery Design that include Foundation course, Industry Oriented
Design course, Jewel CAD & History of Jewellery at Jewellery Product
Development Centre, New Delhi.

The MA Jewellery Design at London Metropolitan University posts very
tempting Career Opportunities that kind of mirror my aspirations as
well. However, there are a lot of hitches…especially the fee for
international students. Then there are other issues such as
employment opportunities in the country of study.

My dilemma, & hence this post to all of you who have so much
experience & some of you who are in UK, is that is it a good idea to
invest the time, money & job to do a course in UK?

Thank you all in advance.

from here I know I’ll get the best advice.