High temperature vacuum casting gasket

David Arens writes:

Do you remember where you got the gasket & will you share that info with
us? It
sounds like the way to go!



Here is where I purchased mine.

Indian Jewelers Supply Company
601 East Coal Avenue
Post Office Box 1774
Gallup, New Mexico 87305
505-722-4172 FAX
800–545-6540 (orders)

High Temperature Gaskets for casting up to and over 1100 degrees F.

371-GSKHT338 For 3 3/8" Diameter flasks
371-GSKHT400 For 4" Diameter Flasks
371-GSKHT500 For 5" Diameter Flasks

These are not pads but gaskets cut into rings for use with perforated
flasks only.

Don’t know current prices, but they are reasonable. Do not bend them as
they cannot tolerate that type of abuse. However they take the heat without

Kenneth Gastineau