High tech jewelry

I saw a recent thread on “Technology and Design”, using technology
to make jewelry. I am in full agreement with David Huffman. I would
rather develop the age old skills, than have a machine make the
jewelry for me.

Is there anything wrong with integrating technology with jewelry? I
hope to see in my lifetime, jewelry that serves a second function as
a health monitor. In the near future, instead of a picture in a
locket, you can play a video.

I have a link to a very comprehensive report on emerging display
technologies and the history of electroluminescence. A student
brought me a OLED sample to scan, and later I did a search on “TPD
electron transport layer”. I had no idea the research was this far


Jeff Simkins

p.s. The most my computer can do for me in jewelry making is
remind me that I forgot to engage the screw feed on my slab