High precision diamond setting machinery

Dear esteemed colleagues in Orchidland:

I have had an inquiry from a “friend” of a family member for
precision diamond setting equipment

I was wondering if you might be able to help in locating
several different manufactures of smaller diamond setting
machinery able to operate with very high precision. What we
require would a machine capable of inserting (with extreme
precision) brilliant cut diamonds of half pointers size in all
sorts of different shaped gold frames that we cast ourselves.
Thus a unit able to set/align diamonds close to each other if
in a straight line on a bar, in circle on a ring,… Any
help you could provide would really be very much appreciated.

Has anyone ever heard of something like this ?? Possible sources?


Hello Linda,

That machine would be called a Diamond Setter.


I have seen these types of things and they run upwards of 20K+. I’ve
never seen one that will do multiple types of settings. The ones
I’ve seen for that price do 1 thing and do it well (ie set round
stones into a strip of chained together settings).


Has anyone ever heard of something like this ?? Possible sources? 

What you are asking about is “machine set diamonds”. Stuller has
machine set eternity rings (among many other vendors), and
watchmakers use them on dials, too. Out of curiosity once I googled
it, and found some references in Asia for the equipment, but that’s
all. But I wasn’t buying, just curious how it all works. I would
suggest I. Shor

They are the leading US dealer of big-time jewelry equipment that I’m
aware of. If anyone knows, they will, but you’ll have to inquire, I
think. It won’t be on their everyday website. Gesswein is probably