High Praise for D H Fell

The difference between a good company and a great company is one
that comes through in a crises.

Let me tell you our story.

Metalwerx held its first gold granulation 5 day workshop with Ronda
Coryell. Mistakenly, I had ordered the wrong gold for this workshop,
nearly $6,000 worth. Granules from SPM and from David Gnat (whose
granules are amazing) were melting before fusing. We realized that
the gold I had ordered had a higher melting temperature than those of
the granules. We ordered “Standard” and what we wanted was “Romance”
which had nearly a 115 degree difference in temperature.

When we realized the mistake, we pulled out other gold which would
work and called the D H Fell rep, Bruce Busby. You may have seen
Bruce at various trade shows. Say hi to him when you see him next,
because Bruce and D H Fell got Metalwerx out of a major jam.

They sent up a sample to test. It was OK and then did a turn around
fabrication, literally overnight with a Saturday delivery. The class
scraped by with bits and pieces of classmates gold, some of my own
and got through the workshop.

In two days time, they moved ahead and fabricated 17 x 21 inches of
22K, 28 Ga of the Romance alloy and 35 feet of 22K wire. Today
Saturday, the rest of the order has arrived in time for the last two
days and to fill kits.

Every step of the way, DH Fell was courteous, solicitous and
helpful. They arrived on the scene at Metalwerx to work through the
problem and help us solve it.

This is a company that is reaching out to the jewelry public because
they want to learn and make it right. I am happy to say, DH Fell has
a new happy customer for not only our school orders, but for our
students as well.

They also have the added bonus of being in California which gives us
3 extra hours to order for an emergency.

Thank you D H Fell. You are an outstanding company and your products
are top notch. Metalwerx came to you with a problem, you researched
it and fixed it. I urge everyone on this list to give them a try. I
think you will be very pleased. A special thanks to Bruce, Alice and
Rosanna who all worked hard to make it right.

Karen Christians