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High Karat finish on lower Karat Alloys

RE: High Karat finish on lower Karat Alloys

wayne, thanks for the tip on bright dipping. Do you know what
length of time for quenching and am I supposed to heat the piece
to red before dipping? And only 5% sulfuric?

thanks, peter slone(stephanie)

Hi Peter

Thought I’d put in my 2 cents worth. I learned this trick from
Dieter Muller- Stach, an excellent metalsmithing prof at Long
Beach State University, CA… To get a high karat look on lower
alloys, Quench at dull red into either a cold 50-50 Hydrocloric
acid bath or into a Muriatic acid (diluted hydrocloric for pool
use) heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Drop several times and
brush in between with brass brush and soapy water. Careful with
fumes (use good ventilation) and potential splattered acid from
quenching! Tom Tietze- Artisan Workshop