High energy disc finishers

The high energy disc finishers are available in many sizes, both dry
and wet. They are nothing like the vibratory tumblers in common use.
For doing rings and fragile things, you need to fixture the pieces -
so they don’t bang into each other.

If I’m correct that most of your work is celtic design with lots of
high detail, I’d think that a good sized vibratory tumbler coupled
with a larger rotary with steel would easily finish several hundred
pieces in 5 to 6 hours.

The pre-polish for disc finishing is essentially the same as for
conventional tumbling. The machine maintenance for the disc
finishers is expensive and extensive. And the machines cost many
multiples more than conventional ones.

The one alternative that you might try that won’t break the bank is
the disc finishing attachments for the large Ikohe magnetic pin
finisher. They have a dry and a wet one. I’ve used them and haven’t
found that they save time when figuring in fixturing, maintenance and
general fussing.

Judy Hoch, G. G.
Author - Tumble Finishing for Handmade Jewelry

Thanks for those suggestions Judy.

I read your book when I set up my vibratory tub system.

Steve Walker

Hello Steve

Just to clarify I am not the author of the booklet about using
tumblers. Wish I had Judy Hoch’s knowledge, but I am only an
advocate of her booklet, which has helped me to make good use of my
tumblers. Judy in Kansas, just an humble admirer.