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High end stores

I am looking for buyers, reps to help my jewelry business grow. I would like information on how to get stores and museum shops to open my mail.

Have you tried Trade shows? There are Wholesale shows specifically for museum shops.

You have to go where the retail jewelers go. Like the annual jCK show in Vegas or smaller trade group shows like RJO. Just rent your booth and see if you have what they want. Everyone is looking for something new.

yes I have, thanks all last year, with very little luck and to much $$$$$ spent

I am actually trying this year the vegas trade show. I truly appreciate all your help. Warm regards

Beat of luck!

That Vegas show is HUGE. The trick is getting the exhausted and overwhelmed buyers to notice you. Most don’t see the whole thing, it’s just too big. They plan out what they need to see in advance and hit those dealers or areas.

I don’t have the answer but you need a good spot and some sort of plan.

Best of luck is what I meant! :wink:

You might try calling the store manager to make an appointment to come in and meet them. One of the members of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths did this to the Dali Museum, then offered to send photos. Once they saw the photos, she went in person with the work, which they now carry.

Do your pieces open? I would recommend a composite photo showing the movement, if it converts, etc. Your composition is lovely, but most pieces that win art shows or attract buyers have a memorable component about them. Tell the story too!

I have approached several high end galleries and have been told to submit a cd or other electronic media with pictures and a price list. Now to follow thru…