High-end jewelry buyers surveys

Hi all,

After searching the archives to no avail, I thought I’d ask if anyone
else remembers reading one Orchidian’s posts, awhile back about
his/her jewelry-related online survey. Essentially, I’m trying to put
together a survey for high-end jewelry buyers, and wanted to review
others’ sample questions, but haven’t been able to locate any of them
at either surveymonkey.com or zoomerang.com. Do any of you remember
who’d posted that survey, awhile back – could’ve been as much as a
two or three years ago --on jewelry buyers’ habits? If so, please
throw up a flare, would you?

Many thanks,
Douglas Turet, G.J.
Lapidary Artist Designer
Turet Design
P.O. Box 242
Avon, MA 02322-0242