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"high end" buying schedule for 2001

I’m a designer in CA and I’m wanting to find out dates for the 2001
buying seasons. ( spring, summer, fall, winter? ) My jewelry is for
the “high end” silver and gold markets such as the department stores
and jewelry galleries. I have tried to contact buyers with no luck
as yet. Can you help me find this info?

Thank you,

Hi Sola, From my experience the department stores buy in July /August
for the Christmas season and if it is for a catalogue for Christmas
then they start in June. But if you are interested in their catalogues
I would call by March 1 and ask for a deadline for Christmas
merchandise. For spring and summer I would call now and ask them
what their deadline is for spring /summer season but if I remember
correctly it might be in February. Places to contact for more
might be the JCK or JA, and the New York Gift Show. The
promotors of the shows might be able to give you some
Another source is the Niche magazine, Rosen show, and the Baltimore
ACC Crafts Fair for this type of All of the shows I
have mentioned do have booths for high end dealers that sell to
galleries and department stores. I hope this helps some. Diane coming in
a few weeks still closing