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Hi Gang! I'm baaaack!

Hello Friends!

After a lengthy and extremely time consuming engagement with another
career “opportunity”, I am again unencumbered by a time clock or
paycheck. During my absence from this fine community, I believe the
only jewelry work I did was one chain repair, as a favor. While I
explore my options, I am looking forward to getting back into the
studio again.

The first thing I need to do is a thorough straightening up and
cleaning so I can start with a fresh slate. The literal spider webs
need to be wiped from my bench, and the figurative cob webs need to be
wiped from my brain. Every tool is laying out right where I left it,
every stone rests as it did when I locked the door last. Nothing much
has changed except the pages on the calendar and the crusty build-up
on my pickle pot.

I want to thank Hanuman for graciously reuniting me with my old
friends. I kind of feel like the prodigal son, returning after having
turned my back on a family that had been such an important part of my
life for many years. I’m glad to be back “home” again!

All the best,

----Welcome back Dave! Orchid missed you!


Welcome back! Be sure to re polish the hammer faces. It will be fun
to hear what new ideas you come up with.

Bill Churlik

Welcome back Dave - you’ve been missed.

in Melbourne where the forecast is for cold and wet weather all
week, but water restrictions are still in force

I’ve always enjoyed reading your helpful posts and watching the
BenchExchange grow. I feel like we have a family reunion with you
back in our midst. Welcome home!



I already emailed you offline, but I will state this note publicly.
I read with delight, the responses of having you back up on Orchid.

You represent a part of us, or the “group mind”, at Orchid. Like
many of us, you took the plunge into unknown waters and we watched
your successes and setbacks. Even during hard economic times, when
you needed to look after your family and leave your passion of
jewelry, your bench waited, silently. The great thing about tools,
is that they stay put, ready to be picked up and used again.

Many new Orchidians have joined this group while you have been away,
but they will soon come to learn what us old timers have known.
Your posts are always a source of passion and enthusiasm, and I for
one, am VERY glad you have returned.

Welcome home.

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio

Hi Dave, Welcome back!!! I was away for a couple of days and just
read your post this morning. You were missed and many of us were
wondering what you were doing. I hope that your return to our world
goes well and that you are soon back in the swing of things. Keep us
posted on your progress. We are all rooting for your success. “All the
best” to you too. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Welcome back Dave, I knew that you would be back, once the jewelry
bug bites you, you have it for life! Jan McClellan

Hello Dave

Its good to news we have been missing you.

Regards Kenneth Singh

G’day Dave

Great to see that you are now back “HOME” and at the bench after all
this time! I remember your email to the group and I was very touched
by what you had to say. As you know well the bench life is not an
easy one and your willingness to share your difficulties with this
community has been and will remain a great inspiration to us all.
Welcome back mate!

Will Francis